Luc Lammens
Managing Director

Eva Kenis
Financial Controller

Leen Vrinssen
Financial Controller

Kenneth Huyssens
Senior Accounting Expert

Telmo Alves da Silva
Senior Accounting Expert

Michael Ekwam
Senior Accounting Expert

Tom Ocket
Medior Accounting Expert

Nayhan Khalil
Junior Accounting Expert

Peggy Brys
Admin assistant

Hilde Heylen
Operations Manager

Luc Lammens, Master in Scientific Applied Economics, with specialisation in International Business Affairs (K.U. Leuven 1988).

CEO of Innofocus, he is active in a variety of healthcare and nanotech ventures with an international shareholder base. He is in charge for the financial management of an incubator fund for academic spin offs and a healthcare venture capital fund.

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He contributed to the start-up successful IPO of Movetis (€100M). He had a pivotal role in relocating the Biocartis from Lausanne to Flanders in collaboration with VIB and FIT. He applied successfully for Vlaio and EU R&D funding for various companies. He contributed to the valorisation policy of the University of Antwerp in combination with venture capital firms.

Previously, he was during 10 years active at Janssen Pharmaceutica nv. Primarily as a financial analyst for in-licensing agreements and pharma P&L. Prior to that, he was member of the business development group from the Belgian-Chinese Joint-Venture, Xian-Janssen.
He started his career in agro industry and a large London trading company.

He was involved in the creation of an intellectual property policy for the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp).

He is the author of three books on Business Plan, Financial Plan and Venture Capital.