Financial management & reporting

CFO Services

  • Corporate finance
  • Convert business objectives into a financial long-term plan
  • Financial reporting to Management and Board

Converting IP into business and financial targets

Finance operations

  • Budget & forecasting process
  • Project analysis & project based reporting
  • Management of cash runway and treasury


  • Financial profiling of the company towards an exit strategy
  • Data room, financial and tax due diligence
  • IPO preparation – M&A
  • IP Valorisation: Licensing – Collaboration – M&A

Support in Funding & Exit

Dilutive funding

  • Strategic support in fundraising
  • Valuation
  • Financial deal structure and link with corporate legal affairs

Non-dilutive funding

  • Grant (finance and valorisation section in grant application and reporting)
  • R&D tax incentives
  • Support in obtaining bank financing, leasing and venture loans


  • Audit preparations
  • ERP implementation
  • IFRS transition
  • Alignment with corporate legal matters


Companies Abroad

Innofocus provides financial consulting services for entrepreneurs and companies abroad and for those who are interested to establish in Belgium. Innofocus is assisting them with financial support in Belgium, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and China by granting them the benefit of its experience in those area’s.

Innofocus has a partnership with Jama Corporate Secretarial Pte Ltd in Singapore for corporate and tax matters. Jack Chan who started his career at KPMG is the founder and CEO.


Service Package

  • Service package for the creation of a new company


  • Shareholder structure, bylaws, financial needs, definition of company objectives, budget and liaise with appropriate partners if required (legal, notary, auditor …)


Organisation and execution of accounting

Accounting services are provided through an electronic filing system and data processing. By using an appropriate software we integrate day-to-day accounting with bank transactions, payroll instructions and the corresponding approval flows.

Statutory and corporate legal duties

  • Preparing and filing of annual accounts
  • Annual report and general assembly
  • UBO register
  • eStox


  • Corporate tax and VAT
  • Fiscal control
  • Tax incentives

Various Tasks

  • Financial plan for incorporation
  • Specific duties that are ethically exclusively assigned to ITAA accredited accountants and tax specialists

Fin Accounting CommV is recognized by ITAA (52.396.265). Partner in Fin Accounting is Steven Vyvey.