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References for the creation of Start-ups and Gazelles in Flanders :

  • Biocartis sa (CH), Biocartis bv (NL) and Biocartis nv (BE) (In Vitro Diagnostics Platform) : financial structure, corporate financial control, consolidations, ERP, tax advantages in different countries, grant applications, PMV Loan (10M€), HR management and fundraising.
  • Movetis nv (Gastro-intestinal - corporate spin off J&J) : long term financial planning as a basis for the start-up and growth of the venture, IWT subsidy applications (3,5M€); set up of internal control, audit preparations and IFRS reporting, ERP implementation, financial part in ruling on patent income deductions, IPO preparation (97,75M€), applying financial incentives and tax advantages in Flanders, FIT subsidies and recruitment of financial staff.

Sector - Pharma

  • Company creation
  • Financial plan long term
  • IFRS reporting
  • Budget cycle and quarterly financial reporting
  • ERP implementation
  • Ruling on Patent Income Deduction
  • IPO

Sector - Biotechnology / Diagnostics

  • Delocalization of the company
  • HR policy and recruitment
  • Financial budget
  • Business development strategy
  • Intellectual Property strategy
  • Tax optimization

Sector - Medical Devices

  • Business Plan
  • Funding operation
  • Subsidy for innovative technology project
  • Financial control
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Board member

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